This test creates a high resolution 3D digital model of your body, accurate to within 0.1 of an inch. 

During your visit we'll create your digital model, assess your body measurements, analyze your posture and balance and discuss areas for improvement.  

Full 360 Degree View of Your Body.

No lighting, camera effects, filters or poses. 

Get an objective view of your body from all angles to assess shape and symmetry. 

Side-By-Side Comparisons:

​Tilt, pan, rotate and zoom your 3D model. 

Get a closer look at your target areas and assess changes between your scans. 

Detailed Reporting of Body Measurements:

You'll get extract measurements for body features including your waist, hip, thigh, and more. Accurate to within 1% ! 

Track Changes Over Time:

Trying to grow your arms? Shrink your waist? Round out your booty? 

Body part specific tracking allows you to see how effective your diet and training efforts are.

Set a date for your follow-up scan to keep you focused and accountable. Our clients report that seeing positive changes over time is very empowering! 

Download a Sample Report

The Report:

You'll receive a detailed 7-page report showing your 3D model, body measurements, cross-section view of your waist, and disease risks associated with your body shape. 

Body Insight uses Fit3D and Styku 3D Scanner technology to provide you with best-in-class accuracy and reporting capabilities. 

20 MIN | CA$60


702 – 586 Eglinton Ave East. 

Toronto, ON

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