This test gives you a detailed snap-shot of your body's current state including fat mass, muscle mass, visceral fat, % body fat, and body water. 

During your visit we'll measure your body composition, review your results, help you set SMART goals and make sure you leave with a plan to achieve them.   

Measure your Body Fat.

​Discover your body fat percentage and learn what range is best for you based on your health and fitness goals. 

Measure Muscle Mass


​Learn how much muscle mass you have and how it is distributed through your body.  See how you compare against others in your age group.

Other Body Composition Analysis technologies (BodPod, DEXA, Calipers) report 'lean mass' which combines water and muscle. Our bioelectric impedance technology isolates muscle mass to give more meaningful reporting.

Monitor Hydration Status:

See how much water you are carrying so you'll know if changes in body weight are caused by (temporary) water weight fluctuations or more lasting changes in fat or muscle mass. 

The Report:

You'll receive a detailed 2-page report showing your current state, healthy target ranges and how you compare to others in your age group.

Body Insight uses Seca's Medical-grade Body Composition Analyzer technology to accurately measure your fat mass, visceral fat, skeletal muscle mass and body water.  

Download a Sample Report

30 MIN | CA$85


702 – 586 Eglinton Ave East. 

Toronto, ON

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