We take the guesswork out of your goals so you know how to get the body you want.
Our advanced health & fitness assessments will give you the clarity and confidence to achieve your best body and health.


Our Test Services:

Body Composition Test

See what's happening beyond the scale | Track your Body Fat % |   Measure your fat and muscle mass | Check your hydration status 


VO2 Max Test

Quantify your aerobic capacity |

Learn your VO2 Max score | 

Identify your anaerobic threshold | Get personalize heart rate training zones


Metabolism Test 

Discover how many calories your body requires at work, rest, and play | Align your food intake with your goals and get results 

Optimal Fat Burning 1_2x.png

Optimal Fat Burning Test

Discover your unique cardio 'sweet spot' to maximize your fat burn | Train Smarter not Harder | Accurately track calories burned through exercise.


3D Shape Analysis

A 40 second scan is all it takes to create a precise digital model of your body | See yourself from all angles | Track shape and posture changes  

DNA Testing

Get actionable insights based on your unique genetic profile | Discover the best nutrition and training strategies achieve your goals.

Coming Soon

You want to look and feel your best so you can be your best.
We give you everything you need to know to achieve that.

Working hard but not achieving your health and fitness goals? Frustrated and don't know why?


We can help.

Body Insight is the leading Toronto company that specializes in health and fitness assessments to finally give you answers.


After one session with us, you'll know exactly where you are, receive the accurate measurable steps to take to succeed, and be able to track your progress along the way so you're in control the whole time.

We save you from wasting precious time and your even more precious health.


Schedule your session


Book your session online to get started. If you'd like to talk over your goals first, schedule a phone consult to talk one-on-one with us.

Come in for an assessment session


Put together the complete picture with our analyses and tests so you have exactly what you need to move forward.

Receive your results to start your success


After just one session, you'll have your starting point and know the right direction specifically for your body to optimize results.

The next time you'll see us, you'll see the results for yourself.


Because you have more important things to do than wasting time trying "all of the things" to look and feel your best.


Let us give you the answers you've been looking for so you can simply be your best.

Get started by booking your session today!


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