Maximize Your Training Sessions With

VO2 Max Testing

Take the guesswork out of your training.  Train like the pros – with personalized data.


You can't improve if you don't know where you're starting from.

The data, insights and advice from Martin at Body Insights give you the best way to measure your health and fitness so that you can make meaningful progress. – Scott S.

The Benefits of a VO2 Max Test at Body Insight

Gain Clarity

Identify your anaerobic threshold and heart rate zones so that your training efforts deliver the optimal stimulus.

Learn How to Fuel Your Body

Learn how your body burns fat and sugar in response to different heart rates during exercise.

Track Calorie Burn Accurately

Stop using generic fitness trackers to count calories burned. Get an accurate measure of your calories burned per hour at different heart rates.

Eliminate your Weaknesses

Good aerobic base but poor lactate tolerance? High anaerobic threshold but underdeveloped aerobic system? Identify areas for improvement to prioritize in your training effort.

Achieve Peak Performance

Armed with your test data, you will know exactly how to train to maximize your potential.

How It Works

During a VO2 Test, we measure your oxygen consumption, CO2 production and HR while you exercise at increasing intensity on a treadmill, bike or rower. We review the data together and go over what it means for your performance goals. Then we’ll discuss your target heart rate zones and energy usage so you can create your nutrition and exercise plans effectively to get to your next personal best. You will leave with a 5 page report, summarizing your test results so that you can push your limits for the next race day.

Here’s what our customers say about our performance testing:

Kate K.

I had a great experience doing my VO2 Max test here and came away with so much useful information to help improve my performance at CrossFit.

Jacob Q.

The equipment is top notch and is a very new and interesting experience. Martin is great to work with and helped a lot by not only breaking down the results but analyzing where I personally needed to improve for my own specific goals.

John A.

Martin is very knowledgeable and he gave me a clear idea of what my results mean and how to improve my fitness going forward.

Alisha E.

Martin’s knowledge of the programs, equipment and information obtained is top notch. It was exciting to see my current body status and how I can work toward improving it

Marco M.

I was in and out of there within the hour with the information I needed to optimize my training.

Luc B.

I would highly recommend Martin’s new clinic to anyone who is serious about their training and seeking to extract maximum performance gains, and also for the casual weekend athlete who just wants a sense of where they’re at.

Chia-Hao T.

Myself & my partner got the "The Works Baseline Package" done & I can say it was definitely one of the best financial investments we have ever made in our health.

S. Walker

Martin made the experience so positive – he explained each analysis, asked questions to identify our goals, answered all of our questions, was always professional and made us feel comfortable and cared for.


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Toronto, ON

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