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Body Insight's 12-Week Weight Loss Coaching Package helps you craft a healthy, sustainable lifestyle so you achieve your weight loss goals. ​

Our Approach: 

You're unique.


Your lifestyle, personal preferences and health goals are, well, yours. 

-Don't Like Cardio?

-Not Morning Person?

-Intimidated by the Gym?

-Insatiable Sweet Tooth?

Not a Problem.  

Our coaches take the time to understand you and craft a plan that will work for you. 

And that looks different for everyone.

But everyone who works with us will receive our exceptionally high level of care to ensure your success.

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What's Included:

- 2-Hour Initial Consultation

- Metabolism Testing

- Baseline 3D Shape Analysis and Body Composition testing 

- Personalized Activity Plan

- Nutritional Guidance

- 2x Body Composition and 3D Shape Analysis sessions (at 6 and 12 weeks)

- 10x 30 minute check-in calls

Foundations of Our Program

Goal Setting and Progress Tracking
Support And Accountability
Habit and Skill Development 
Why It Works:

Researchers have identified factors that make a wellness program effective.  ( Hint It's not a Magic Pill or Diet).  Setting realistic expectations, developing healthier habits, receiving support, having a positive mindset and being held accountable are factors that significantly increase your chances of success. 

And we've designed our program to provide all that and more. 

The Process: 

1:  Lifestyle Assessment

Before your first visit, you'll complete an intake form to help us understand your health and diet history, concerns, preferences and goals.

2: First Visit

During your first visit, we'll learn more about you.  We'll test your metabolism, measure your body composition and assess your aerobic fitness.  Using this data, we'll work with you to set smart goals and realistic expectations.  You'll leave with actionable nutrition and activity advice and with confidence that you're on the road to success!

3: Weeks 1-6

You'll receive weekly video-call check-ins. We discuss what's working, areas for improvement and continue to build the habits and practices that will lead to lasting success.

4: Week 6 Check-in

You'll come back to Body Insight for a Body Composition and 3D Shape scan. We measure your progress, celebrate your victories and make sure you're set-up for continued  .

5: Weeks 7-12

You'll continue working the plan and receiving regular video-call check-ins.  Now that you've mastered the basics, we can work to incorporate more advanced habits and practices.


6: Week 12 Check-in

Return to Body Insight for your final assessment. We'll peroform Body Composition and 3D scanning to see how much you've changed over the past 12 weeks. 


7: Beyond Week 12

Continue practicing the habits and behaviors you developed and enjoy your new-found health and vitality! 


702 – 586 Eglinton Ave East. 

Toronto, ON

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